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For the participants of the German Friendships all photos taken during the frame program of the show are available in my shop. 

Once you are in the shop you can

switch the Language

to German, English or Italian by scrolling to the very end and clicking on the little flag.

The photos are available for download only.

You can select between

different Resolutions

  • S (max 800 px) for your mobile and social media. This resolution is unsuitable for printing.

  • L (max 3000 px) photos of this high resolution can be used for prints up to 25x38 cm

  • Original. The exact resolution can differ. It can be seen in the shop next to the picture.

All photos are for private use only! In case you need photos for commercial purposes please write me an email first.

In the shop the


is easily possible via e g. Paypal or CreditCard. Just place your favourite pictures in the basket and follow the instructions. 

If you want to buy many pictures don't miss the special offer for sets of 3, 5 or 10 pictures.

Directly after payment was successful you will receive a

Download-link via Mail

Download the pictures and enjoy :-)

In the case of


please don't hesitate to drop me a line


Thanks for your message

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